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Virus Repair

Our advanced virus repair techniques and industry leading tools enable us to provide Same Day Virus and Malware Repair Services when received by 2PM Read More here.


Laptop Repair Services

No matter the issue from hardware to software PC Pitstop can repair you laptop or netbook as fast as possible. We are experienced in locating hard to find parts and one of the only facilities equipped to reflow laptop motherboards.


Compatibility & Reverse Engineering

Do you have software that will not run on the newest version of Windows or your company use a program that is no longer supported? With years of reverse engineering and compatibility resolutions PC Pitstop can provide you that support or there is no charge.

Our Portfolio

Below is available services offered by PC Pitstop.

Awesome Team

Who We Are? Information About Us.
PC Pitstop Computer Repair Centers in Belfair and Bremerton are led by a team of technicians that each bring unique talents and experiance that no other computer shop can offer.
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    Joseph " Boss Man" Bangle

    Founder - Jack Of All

    Joseph Brings 20+ years of IT Support and Development to the business. When he founded PC Pitstop he wanted to bring real solutions to the community at large not just to companies.

    His compassion, devotion, resolve and the willingness to go above and beyond for any client especially those who need help the most is what puts his company head and shoulders above the competition.

    Joseph has also founded the Non-Profit Community Geeks Project which is a Community Technology Resource Center not only providing access to technology for those who cant otherwise afford it but also providing job training,volunteer opportunities and classes free of charge to the community.


    | Business IT Administration | Webdesign | PC Engineering | Network Design | R&D Specialist |End User Support |Software Coding |

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    Jason " Shorty " Short

    Detail Enthusiast

    Jason brings a unique approach to the PC Repair industry. His determination to reseach every detail of of a clients needs makes him a valuable addition to the PC Pitstop Team. As an electronics repair technician that handles the repair of circuit boards, phones and laptop jacks this is the type of technician you want, attention to detail on a detail demanding repair there is no one better.


    Electronic Mobile Device Repairs | Sales

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    Jill " Smiley " Snider

    General Manager

    Jill is an unbelievable asset to PC Pitstop Repair Centers. As the Bossman is doing business work Jill is hard at work ensuring all clients are satisfied and that both stores are functioning properly. She is an expert repair technician and end user support specialist.  She has assisted in the continued growth of the company and PC Pitstop clients cant say enough good things about her customer service and skills.


    | End User Support| Diagnostics | Customer Relations | Advanced PC Repair Services | Laptop Repair Expert | Remote User Support |

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    We are Hiring!

    Technicians with Personality

    It takes a certain type of person to work here at PC Pitstop, technicians are a dime a dozen. To fit in here you must have a gleaming personality!

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